Clocking in From the Couch

August 29, 2014 Rhys Kenworthy
remote workplace

As technology advances, so have the number telecommuting positions available. Many companies are seeing the advantage of allowing employees to work from home to boost productivity while lowering their overhead on offices.

Numbers have increased over the last couple years and now 33% of companies allow some of their employees to work from home on a regular basis. The number of Americans telecommuting at least once every week has risen to 10% and will only increase. It appears that employees with a bachelor’s degree or higher are the largest demographic of telecommuters at 35.6%, with those having some college coming in at 20.1% telecommuters.

Surprisingly, the reason given the most when asked why they work from home was to finish work (48%). The reason that generally comes to mind is the flexibility and better home/work life balance, however, that ranked in last place at 35%, tying with being more productive. A whopping 44% said there are fewer distractions at home, boosting their productivity rate.

According to an infographic (“Clocking in from the Couch”) by, a British company (O2) asked 2,500 employees from their headquarters to telecommute for a day. As a company, they saved an estimated 2,000 hours of commuting time and were able to gain 120 hours of travel elsewhere, 240 hours of extra relaxation, 280 hours of extra family time, 320 extra hours of sleep, and 1,040 extra hours of work.

Though these statistics seem to show positive results, there are still 50% of employers who are against telecommuting. The main reason cited is the inability to talk to the employee face-to-face (49%) with the worry about less focus coming in at only 26%. As more employers see the benefits of allowing employees to telecommute and our technology continues its advancement, employee retention and productivity will increase as well.

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