Optimizing your website without Google

September 21, 2014 Vanessa Kenworthy

Google's recent Penguin update has companies looking for different ways to optimize their site without using Google. While they are the most widely-used search engine by far and you should be optimizing your website to assist with your page rank, there are other ways you can optimize your website.

  • Creating a Blog. While some see this as a time-consuming task, having fresh content on your website is one of the easiest ways to increase page rank. Contributing to others' blogs is also recommended.
  • Utilizing Facebook Interaction. Facebook is the largest social network and you'll find that the majority of customers and businesses have their own page. Interacting with them allows their customers to see your comments, therefore, increasing your company's exposure.
  • Social Media Advertising. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all offer advertising spots that can give your company additional exposure and generate leads.
  • Create More Social Content. A great way to generate leads is by amping up your social content. Tools like HootSuite allow you to schedule posts to several networks within one tool, which allows you to plan ahead.

Though you definitely want to follow Google's SEO suggestions, it's not the only way to optimize your website. Doing both can increase page rank, increasing lead generation and sales simultaneously. Contact us for a free consultation on search engine optimization for your website today.


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