Password Security

December 23, 2014 Rhys Kenworthy
password security

Online security has always been important, but many view their wireless connections, bank accounts, and health information as the items that need to be secured. While these items are clearly important, what about your career? When you think about securing your online accounts, would you have placed your social networks at the top of your list? Most people would not.

Recently, social network LinkedIn was hacked and a file containing 6.5 million hashed passwords was posted on an online forum in Russia. In March 2012, there were 161 million active LinkedIn users, so roughly 4% of accounts were compromised. LinkedIn reacted by changing passwords on all compromised accounts, placing a link on their page to easily change your password, and proactively sending an email to its users requesting them to update their password.

Many people have one password that they use for all of their accounts. If your security is breached on one account, all of your accounts could be at risk. Below are some tips to create secure passwords.

  • Use letters from a phrase
  • Use upper and lowercase letters
  • Use numbers or even spell them out
  • Use different passwords for different sites (Email, banking, ecommerce sites, etc)
  • Separate words with symbols
  • Create a keyboard pattern that is easy to type, but not easy to guess (dfgh&^%$)
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