Top tips for Gmail power users

May 27, 2015 Rhys Kenworthy
gmail tips

As we discussed in our previous article, keyboard shortcuts are a huge timesaver. We covered some general Windows shortcuts, but these shortcuts are tailored to Gmail. For power users, these can allow for much easier navigation as well as a better efficiency.

  • Shift + C to compose in a new window.
  • Ctrl + S will save a draft.
  • Alternate between N and P to move between conversations in an email thread.
  • Alternate between K and J on your keyboard to move between emails in your inbox.
  • As you scroll through your inbox, press X to select an email and perform additional functions.
  • To place a message in trash, press #.
  • Press Shift + I to mark as read and Shift +U to mark as unread.
  • Press L to display a list of folders to archive your message.
  • Press E to archive a previously labeled email.
  • When reading an email, press R to reply, A to reply all, or F to forward.
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