Successful IT project management requires careful planning, constant communication, and a realistic scope of work and timeline. These projects are typically time-consuming for in-house management to oversee and small- and medium-sized businesses may not have the resources to devote.

R00T Computing LLC has more than a decade of experience successfully managing large IT projects. Once you make the decision to initiate a change, we fully assess your needs and your wish list, providing you with a scope of work and an implementation plan. Upon execution, we will provide you with updates on the progress of your project while you focus on the key areas of your business to continue your revenue stream.

IT projects are assigned a start and end date, with specific milestones to be met during the project cycle. These projects are constrained by time, cost, and scope and when these items aren’t in equilibrium, a project can get off track quickly. Criteria for success and failure should be discussed early on and the “15-15 Rule” is a good indicator. It states that if a project is 15% over budget or 15% off scheduled, it will likely never recoup the time and cost to be considered successful.

IT projects fail for a number of reasons including the typical project management challenges like deadlines, budget constraints and too few people to devote to the project. In addition, there are unique technology challenges to address such as hardware, network, database, security, and interoperability issues. There are three main pitfalls to IT project management:

  1. Lack of planning. A well-thought out plan that includes the resources needed, the skills required, who will be involved and their responsibilities, and a realistic timeline to create, test, and implement the project deliverables.
  2. Rushing. Today, many companies rely on IT for a competitive advantage. This means that many times, the goal is to be first to market, but rushing a project and its implementation can be disastrous. Adequate planning, risk assessment, and testing is a requirement for successful IT projects.
  3. Unrealistic Scope. The scope can quickly get out of hand, making the project unmanageable. A series of smaller projects can be completed with more flexibility than attempting an unwieldy scope of one large, cumbersome project.

R00T Computing LLC has managed many large IT projects successfully by planning and creating a realistic scope of work, expected deliverables, and managing testing and implementation. We help you budget and document all aspects of your project, working closely with management to maintain the timeline and provide support when the project is complete.

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