The importance of keeping your home network secure

securityWireless security is just as important in the home as it is in corporations. Unsecured wireless networks in your home allow anyone in close proximity to spy on your online activities and depending on how the configuration, someone could even gain full access to your computer’s hard drive. Even if malicious activity isn't a concern, the ability of your neighbors to use your bandwidth should be. Not only do you pay for the bandwidth that you use, which could cause an issue with your Internet service provider, but if someone is sponging off your wireless network and conducts an illegal activity online, it can be traced back to your network.

The odds of an unsecured wireless connection being exploited are better than most people think. Hackers routinely engage in a practice called war walking. It’s basically a trip on foot, by car, by airplane, or what ever to try to locate wireless networks. This may not seem a big deal and most of your neighbors probably have wireless networks as well. Since they have a short range, it is a common misconception that someone would need to be in the house or maybe in the backyard, but still close to the house. The problem is that although your wireless access point may have a short range, it is possible to make a homemade antenna that can receive your network’s signal from many miles away. In fact, if a direct line of sight is available, it is possible to make a Wi-Fi antenna out of a Pringles can that can intercept a Wi-Fi signal from up to ten miles away. Hackers no longer need to sit in a car in front of your house to hack your wireless network.

Ensuring that your wireless network is secure is important in this age of hackers, identity theft, and bandwidth restrictions. Call us today at 317-426-7497 and we can configure your wireless connection to protect your privacy and your bandwidth.


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