Learn About Your Computer and How Social Media Works

computertrainingWe provide computer training for those who want to learn more about computers and how to make them work for you. Your computer can be a very powerful tool when you know how to use it to your advantage. Tasks such as communication, budgeting, researching, etc. no longer need to take up so much of your time. Long phone calls are great from time to time, but email can help you focus on the issues at hand. With everyone so connected, many of us are even receiving our email to our mobile and can instantly reply, no matter where we are or what we are doing. Budgeting has become super easy with online applications such as Mint.com or financial softwares we can install locally on your system. You have a wealth of information at your fingertips, making researching a breeze. Let us show you the basics of search and how to find relevant and reputable sources.

mediatrainingMost of you have heard about Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc., but did you know that there are different purposes and different audiences for each social media network? You can check in via Facebook to let your friends know where you hang out, hashtag on Twitter, find a job on LinkedIn, and create boards on Pinterest to display your interests. We will help you set up profiles on these social networks and show you how to connect with your family and friends. Parents need to be trained on social media to ensure they can actively monitor their child's profiles for their own safety. Grandparents can see what their grandkids are up to, and employers can see what type of employees they've hired. We will also help you understand social media best practices.

For entrepreneurs and small businesses, you may already have your profiles, but have you established a following and created relevant content? Social media gives us an easy way to reach a vast number of people quickly. Knowing what to post, how to generate interest in your business, and getting exposure are all accomplished with these social networks. We will help you optimize your profiles and decide who your audience is on each network so that you can better understand the type of posts that will be relevant on each network.


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